Easily Balance Flash With Natural Light

There are plenty of reasons you may want to blend natural light with flash. I know I rarely shoot with more than one strobe on location so the ambient light often acts as a fill light or rim light. Regardless of your reason to do so, knowing how to easily achieve this is extremely important.
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What EuclidIQ has been up to

Here’s a fun fact: The social media output of a startup is inversely proportional to the number of projects it has in flight. Another fun fact: The above is an excuse, not a fact. It’s been a busy first half …Read More The postWhat EuclidIQ has been up to appeared first onEuclidIQ Video
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Crazy Visual Techniques

Whether it’s a drug trip or someone making the world shake with their brain, here are some awesome/crazy visual techniques to use for your projects! —————————————————————– fxguide on Logan effect:
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