Blu-Ray and DVD Burning or Copying Software

When you consider that all operating systems come with at least basic DVD reading and burning capabilities and that most video editing software programs come with advanced CD, DVD and Blu-ray features the case for owning purpose built disc software is nowhere near as strong as it was in the past…. Read More

iMovie Tutorial The Interface

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Learn how to use Apple iMovie ’08 in a simple, easy way that goes over all of the basics from capturing your video to editing to creating a DVD

In this iMovie Tutorial you will learn to add music, effects, titles, graphics, voice over and transitions to create a polished looking movie in no time!


Some Useful Free Tools for Video Editing

Sometimes its not just about the video editing software you choose all by itself. Very often the combination of software limitations and the fact that most of us are not using a computer solely dedicated to video editing can make things a little more complicated than they need to be. These are a few of…

The Friday Roundup – A Little Black Magic

I wanted to devote most of this week’s Friday Roundup to a particular development that unfolded during the week in the field of video cameras. The development in question was over at Blackmagic Design which is a developer and manufacturer of high end cinema quality digital cameras that are incredibly small. If you have ever…

CD DVD Scratch Repair Machines

Disc Repair Machines#1 Simotech DVD Repair MachineOf all the mid-range CD DVD disc repair machines on the market this one easily came in with the greatest number of positive reactions on all the sites I checked and no negative reactions.There were also a number of semi-commercial users represented who gave this full marks which speaks…

PowerDirector – Title Bars

Title bars (lower thirds) come in handy when you need text to stand out from the video background. This toot shows some ways to make & use them in PowerDirector.

Wind Noise Reduction Tips

Wind Noise Reduction Tips

Home Made Filter for Wind Noise Reduction Some tips on how to make your own wind noise reduction filter for a camcorder or still camera. A pretty good video showing a simple yet effective solution to handling wind noise when using a normal consumer level camcorder or camera. Althoiugh there are lots of solutions for…