The Friday Roundup – Video Tips, YouTube Tips and Greenscreen

The Friday Roundup – Video Tips, YouTube Tips and Green Screen Press Releases! First up this week a press release from Cyberlink which is well… a bit strange! You see press releases are essentially pieces of information released by individuals or companies to the general media for the purpose of disseminating that information or even…

Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Tutorial | Adding Motion Graphics

How to easily add motion graphics using Adobe Premiere Elements 11

Documentary Filmmaking: Tell Small Stories
“When making documentaries, it’s absolutely essential to keep yourself open to the fact that your original story might completely change.”

How to Back-Light the Subject of Your Video
“Back-lighting is a way to give your subject a nice, attractive glow–and it can be anything: people, fruits, plants…you know, anything.”
How You Could Improve Your Online Videos Using Emotion Technology
“By being able to test ahead of time which elements of your videos evoke the strongest positive reactions, you could potentially craft the “perfect†sales video for your products or services – or at least get somewhere close for your target demographic.”


VideoStudio Ultimate X6: Intro to proDAD Mercalli

Ideal for action- or long-zoom video, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6 includes proDAD Mercalli SE — a powerful tool to remove unwanted camera shake with rock-steady video stabilization. Mercalli also deliver useful rolling shutter correction

DSLR tutorial : Calculating the Sun’s Position
“A key factor to keep in mind when shooting outdoors is the position of the sun. In this tutorial find out how to calculate the sun’s position in order to plan for your shoot.”