The Week In Video: Buzzword Bingo And YouTube Comments

Stumbled upon this and thought it might be of interest: Welcome to our weekly round of online video news from around the web. Out of the blue, YouTube decided to retire video responses which took many by surprise but that’s YouTube for you. Elsewhere, The Fine Bros passed 1 Billion Views and Skype announced that…

The $0 Lapel Mic and Recorder

Saw this and thought it was worth sharing:

OK this is a great tips from the guys at TheBasicFilmaker channel on Youtube. You can actually use the ear buds that come with an iPhone a a lapel microphone using the iPhone or even iPod as a remote recording device. According to one of the comments posted on the site you can also do this with a Samsung Galaxy S4….The $0 Lapel Mic and Recorder

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The Friday Roundup – Video Tips, YouTube Tips and Greenscreen

The Friday Roundup – Video Tips, YouTube Tips and Green Screen Press Releases! First up this week a press release from Cyberlink which is well… a bit strange! You see press releases are essentially pieces of information released by individuals or companies to the general media for the purpose of disseminating that information or even…