VideoStudio Ultimate X6: Intro to proDAD Mercalli

Ideal for action- or long-zoom video, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6 includes proDAD Mercalli SE — a powerful tool to remove unwanted camera shake with rock-steady video stabilization. Mercalli also deliver useful rolling shutter correction

DSLR tutorial : Calculating the Sun’s Position
“A key factor to keep in mind when shooting outdoors is the position of the sun. In this tutorial find out how to calculate the sun’s position in order to plan for your shoot.”

The Friday Roundup No News (almost!) is Good News… Not!

First of all this week I think that apologies are in order! As you will see from this week’s post on all things video editing it would appear that almost nothing has happened so this week’s roundup is a little… ummm… thin. My strategy of waiting for other people to actually DO something during the…

PowerDirector – ChromaKey Technique

BarrytheCrab’s demonstration of a useful technique with chromakey in PowerDirector. The original post in the PD forum is here Often, using a combination of techniques like this, errors & distractions can be disguised well enough to avoid having to reshoot.

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The Friday Roundup – Emerging Video Codecs, Macro Tips and More

It’s a bit of a “catch-up” Friday Roundup this week. Not sure really what happened but this week has just flown by and I missed a few stories last week covering the CyberLink response to Adobe’s Creative Cloud announcement so… let’s get into it! Codec Wars… again? First up this week is codec news. Boy,…

Blu-Ray and DVD Burning or Copying Software

When you consider that all operating systems come with at least basic DVD reading and burning capabilities and that most video editing software programs come with advanced CD, DVD and Blu-ray features the case for owning purpose built disc software is nowhere near as strong as it was in the past…. Read More